«Informational Channel of the Universe. Tolar» is the first in a «Tolar» series of books.

Why is the book entitled «Tolar»? Tolar is a proper name of this informational channel. There are lots of informational channels, but only Tolar can give us all the Knowledge about the Rules of Life on Earth. If a man complies with these rules and uses them daily, he remains holistic, preserving the purity of his energy bodies and his Soul.

In the «Informational Channel of the Universe. Tolar» the interrelationships of a man and the other World are described. Though this World is not manifested, it is constantly presented in the life of a man, humanity and the universe. These interrelationships are described not by a human being, but by the man’s helpers – the Angels, Archangels, Masters, and Gods.

A man is a flow of diverse energies, some of which are manifested in three-dimensional space of the material world, the rest – in other spaces and other Worlds, which, in their turn, are not manifested. They are located on the other side of the World border, perceived by a man through his traditional sense organs.

The not-manifested, otherworldly part is the energy layers near the man needed for creating him a comfortable life on Earth. Consciousness, subconscious, thoughts, Soul and everything connected with the divine spark of a man are on these energy layers. Right there by the thoughts and emotions a man puts the situations and events which will take place tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or a bit later.

The book «Informational Channel of the Universe. Tolar» gives an idea or rather reminds a man for what he comes here, on Earth, what his Soul does during its realization on Earth. How a man understands what to do now, what later. Different situations of relations in and out of family are described in the «Informational Channel of the Universe. Tolar» and this book contains the answer on what people’s relations are at subtle planes.

Purifying ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions, not allowing somebody else’s negative emotions and thoughts to enter our living space, we build our future happiness for ourselves and for all people who are and will be in our lives. Protecting ourselves and our living space from the negative, we do not allow negative events to occur on the physical plane.

Everything is simple, if you remember that humanity is preparing for the Transition, but not many people are willing to independently work spiritually, and change themselves and their lives in this direction.

Everything would be great without one very important slight hitch. The Soul and the Angel will help a man in the Transition to a new level only if they manage to hear their charge as there must be at least a kind of connection, the connection between man, his brain, his subconscious and the Soul and the Angels. Many people seem to have forgotten about it. Time is flying not in the same way as it was centuries ago. It had compressed. But you know that after a compression comes an explosion that shatters everything. Now you are on the threshold of this event and people must know about it. It is not a reproach for their surface life and contempt for the laws of spiritual development, but help in their choice for today's and future life.

People, let yourselves awake. Create your life the way you want it to be, but do not sleep, not sleep! Live in harmony with yourselves, Soul, Nature and God.

I wish you happiness and prosperity.

Aleksey Nagorny


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